Dom Fera

Dominic Fera is the brilliant and talented producer, director, editor and actor of DFEAR Studious. He made plently of comical short films and films. His most popular short film is known 'The Laser Collection' series. His most popular film is The Billy Goat Caller. He plays an important role in all his films, except The Devil and Danny Webster, which is where he only makes a cameo appearence.

In certain short videos, Dom is his superhero alter-ego, Wolf.


  • The Billy Goat Caller
  • Kenny Bassender
  • Die Now or Live Forever
  • The Devil and Danny Webster


  • The Billy Goat Caller- Dom plays as the main protagonist, Travis Turner. He is being harrassed by a mysterious figure who calls him. Can Travis find and overcome this figure, before he is engulfed in his own insanity and parania?
  • Kenny Bassender- Dom plays as Kenny, a teen who thinks his life is terrible, and he needs to find something that makes him "great". When Kenny was discovered by a secret society, he finds a game, thats deems him 'great'. But will he risk his life to save what he think makes him great and be engulfed in pride, or will he notice, he can find his own pride?
  • Die Now or Live Forever- Dom plays as Drake the Vampire. A comical yet evil and sadistic vampire who haunts 3 children in the night. This is Dom's first role as an antagonist, but not his last. Drake was later killed off.
  • The Devil and Danny Webster- Dom makes a quick cameo at the end of The Devil and Danny Webster, making the first male appearence of Scratch and his second debut as Antagonist.