Seth King is an actor who repeatedly appears in the DFear Studios films and mini-productions. His character is usually used as a minor character, or a comic relief, except for his latest role in The Devil and Danny Webster and Die Now or Live Forever, where he plays the main character, Jason Stone and Micheal Sphenson. Seth apperently wears glasses, and is a bit taller than Dom.


  • The Billy Goat Caller- Seth plays as Travis' best friend Andy. Andy is known for popping out of nowhere randomly, and changing his clothes extremely fast. He was the one who killed Billy Goat, or so it seemed
  • Kenny Bassender- Seth plays as Brad Cooper, the slick and mysterious leader of the Underground Socitey of the Puppydog Racers. He approached Kenny one day, and convinced him to join the society. Brad is homocidal, as he killed a member of the society before for being great, and he tried to kill Kenny. This is Seth's first role as the antagonist.
  • Die Now or Live Forever- Seth plays as Micheal,the protagonist of the film, a smart and clever child who has an ultimate amount of will power. He is later turned into a vampire by the end of the film.
  • The Devil and Danny Webster- Seth plays as Jason Stone, a teen who sells his soul for 4 years of "high school success".