The Billy Goat Caller was another brilliant movie made by Dominic Fear. The movie was made in 3-parts, no parts too many

He also starred in it as the main character, Travis Turner. The plot is that a mysterious caller is stalking Travis, harrassing him through phone calls. Travis has to find and overcome this strange evil, before he is engulfed into his own paranoia and insanity.



Travis Turner- Travis Turner is the main protagonist of The Billy Goat Caller. He is thoughtless and pushy, but usually has great emotion

Billy Goat/Todd- Billy Goat is the antagonist of the movie. After being eletricuted, he has the powers of teleporting, super strength and the ability to call someone on their phone telepathically. He used to be friends with Travis, until Travis caused his transformation into a 'monster' (which was only a slight mark on his face, big baby), at which Todd doned the title 'Billy Goat'. He was presumably killed by Andy, but knowing Dom, he had to had to add a plot twist, thus Andy suddenly got a call, hinting Billy Goat had switched his victims.